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Do you know the LED point light application specific scenarios?


LED point light source is generally applicable to relatively large venues, such as large-scale concert stage background, large building lighting project, shenzhen zhongke green lighting is a professional committed to the high quality LED point light source research and development, production and sales of well-known manufacturers, today, we detailed for you LED point light source on the application of specific scenarios which have some!

An LED point light source is a pixel point, install multiple point light source, through the system control, can present a colorful light picture, instead of the display function; At the same time, it can be in many buildings, modelling of synchronous cascade over a long distance between, mutual cooperation, creative, the fabulous light show. Therefore has the grace of the photoelectric point source of a large number of application in the production of large areas of the roof lattice screen, wall of building facade lighting, draw the outline of the outline of the building, the building such as bridge, park, river, the square lighting decoration lighting engineering, etc.

Normally led point light source used scene mainly include the following:

1, building, elevated, draw the outline of the outline of bridge;

2, city square ground decorative lighting;

3, ground glass square display screen;

4, the ferris wheel amusement facilities, such as decorative lighting illumination;

5, outdoor advertising display screen, building display screen;

6, river, the river landscape lighting;

7, mark, logo;

8 shape decorative lighting, building on the top;

9, ancient building decorative lighting;

10, special-shaped, personalized built-in light source of lamps and lanterns.

11, text and image lines;

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