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Zhongke can green LED wash wall light you don't know little knowledge!


1, power specifications:

LED wash wall light output power of decision the projection distance, there are 18 w and 24 w and 36 w, 48 main parameters w. But power is not fixed. Electricity can be flexible change requested. High power LED wash wall lights are commonly refers to a single row, multiple rows of that call linear LED project-light lamp!

2, voltage:

The working voltage of LED wall lights can be divided into DC AC, DC and AC generally embedded switch power supply, if an external AC220V AC110V (Japan), etc., are generally at the bottom pressure DC5V, DC12V DC24V, etc. According to different requirements, different manufacturers, also have different voltage.

3, IP protection grade:

This is one of the important parameters, LED wash wall lamp is one of the important indicators affect the quality of guardrail, waterproof grade IP65 or more best, requires high voltage, resistance to collapse knife, high and low temperature resistance, flame resistance, impact resistance degradation, etc.

4, color, specifications:

Seven color, full color, monochrome.

5, color temperature:

About 2200 k (amber) 3000 k (warm white) 4000 k white (natural) 6000 k (white) is 7000 k (cold white)

6, light Angle:

LED wash wall lamp light Angle is generally divided into narrow (20 degrees), medium (50 degrees) up and down, up and down (120 degrees) three wide, large power LED wash wall lamp light period at present stage (narrow sense) project further reasonable spacing is 5 to 10 meters.

7, working temperature:

LED wash wall lamp is generally applied in the outdoor, and the main parameters is very important, for the regulation of temperature is high, the outdoor temperature can be defined by people - in a job under 40 ℃ + 60 ℃.

8. Control mode:

For LED wash wall lamp, there are two control modes: internal control and external control. Internal control is not an external controller, designers design the control system inside the washing wall lamp, the degree of effect cannot be changed. External control is an external controller, its effect can adjust the master keys and change effect. Usually on big projects, customer requirements can change effect, we were charged with this solution.

9, mirror:

Glass reflective lens, the light transmittance was 98%, not easy atomization, resistant to UV radiation.

10, light sources:

Generally adopt 1 w, 3 wled as light source, but the technology is not mature, the market at present is 1 w are common, because 3 w heat, heat do not droop is faster.

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