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Zhongke can green | teach you distinguish LED point light source and LED cross stars difference!


Zhongke can green experts today take you know about the LED point light source and LED cross starlight, lamps and lanterns is similar in the two places also have differences, the following to explain the difference between the point light source and the star light.

LED pixel light

Light pattern only one side, but make it full color monochrome normally on, discus internal control, external control effect, such as other star light it with the biggest difference is that external control LED point light source to be able to make the building screen flashed a dynamic animation effects.

Effect of point light source is used for making tube screen, can also be as the outline of the lamps and lanterns of contour effect!

The LED cross stars

Have light all around, five face glowing mode, user can select monochrome normally on or discus internal control, lighting effect is like a shining star.

Often used in building lighting ornament adornment, installed in the hollow part of the clearance light can achieve the effect of fill a vacancy, make the finishing point, present a vivid picture.

In the rope, use different use of lamps and lanterns is not the same. Customers can according to their own requirements for procurement.


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