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Zhongke can green RGBW point source high quality quality is the first choice for you!


What is RGBW point light? RGBW four-color point light source is composed of: red, green, blue, white point source consisting of 4 kinds of color light source! Than RGB point light color is more bright-coloured, changeable! More pure than RGB point light casting of white light, can in some water, trailing effect is better than RGB point light! Zhongke can green photoelectric technology co., LTD., after many years of experience to develop several classic RGBW point light source, its excellent quality and excellent waterproof performance, is a famous brand in the industry! Many clients need RGBW point lights would be the first think of CST can green photoelectric technology co., LTD.!

DMX512 + RGBW point light perfect combination


RGBW four-color point light with DMX512 solutions do product transformation effect will be more delicate, DMX512 control method on the quality of products also have the effect of maintenance, even if one pixel damage for some reason, also does not affect the other normal play a point light source. So RGBW point light source and the DMX512 is a perfect combination, actually from the control way, conventional external control RGB point light effect in real use effect is fairly good, only without the DMX512 + RGBW point source combination is perfect. In the use of outdoor lighting project DMX512 + RGBW combination of point light source products will be the trend of the future!

From the light source custom as well as the PCB figure in the development of division of green team through many times test adjustment, finally succeeded in bringing a few classic RGBW point source to the market, let more users to enjoy the good side!

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