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DMX512 point light source and what is the difference between ordinary point light?


If you want to know the dmx512 point light source and what is the difference between ordinary LED point light source, we need to know what is dmx512 first? Know the difference to better choose the point light source will not buy the wrong product! Below small make up it to analyze two different:

DMX512 point source

DMX512 point light source is to use parallel DMX512 signal driving IC LED point light source, it is a division of green for large landscape lighting engineering and higher requirements for the quality stability of the project development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Each lamp write separate address code, parallel signal bus design, single lamp are independent of each other, between the malfunction of the lamps and lanterns at any position does not affect the normal work of the other lamps and lanterns for the whole project, has a very high stability.

LED pixel light

LED point light source is a new kind of energy conservation and environmental protection decorative light, using LED cold light source, the built-in microcomputer chip, can be arbitrary programming control, multiple synchronous change, monochromatic changes can also be realized synchronous colorful gradient, jump, scanning, running water light color change effect and multiple LED point light source form a lattice screen. Can change out all kinds of pictures, text and animation effects, is the linear light source and a supplement of the flood lighting, beautiful appearance can satisfy the building adornment such as the dotted line below the design requirements.

Now know DMX512 what is the difference between point source and LED point light! To understand and then know how to choose the point light source! Want to know more knowledge of LED lighting products can scan the qr code below attention zhongke green to oh!

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