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What is RGBW wash wall lamp? And RGB wash wall lamp, what's the difference?


What is RGBW wash wall lamp?

Want to know what is RGBW wash wall lamp, we will know what RGB to wash the wall lamp is first! RGBW wash wall lamp is to wash the wall lamp is more than a white light based on RGB W wash wall lamp!

RGBW wash wall lamp and RGB wash wall lamp and what's the difference?

We all know RGB to wash the wall lamp is red, green, blue three primary colors of lamp bead, can let the light like water washed metope, mainly is used for building decoration lighting, and used to draw the outline of the outline of a large building! Due to the LED energy saving, high photosynthetic efficiency, color is rich, long service life etc., which is widely used. And side is RGBW wash wall lamp above the three primary colors of the RGB wash wall lamp original one more one more white light W, composed of four color lamp bead, it generated more than RGB color wash wall lamp, color pure and bright more more high!

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