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Zhongke can green leds prismatic point light source and common LED point light have what different?


Want to know what is the LED prismatic point light, we must first understand what is LED point light source! Point lights, LED outdoor lighting landscape lighting products, the most common form of it can be divided into RGB point light source, from the color RGBW point light source and monochromatic light source, from the shape classification can be divided into round, square, diamond, and other special-shaped point source. Today, division of green lighting experts tell everyone prismatic LED point light source and the difference between ordinary LED point light source:

1, the shape is different

Ordinary LED point light source is usually round, chimney is planar lens and a lamp holder encapsulated, prismatic point lights and LED by a hemisphere prismatic chimney with lamp holder of encapsulation, in terms of volume generally is larger than ordinary point light!

2, prevent glare

Ordinary LED point light source because of flat lens does not have the function of anti glare, so as to make the LED point light source when the outdoor work because it is a flat lens is easy to make the LED light point-blank with eyes from glare phenomenon, causes the human eye cannot adapt to the light feeling, may cause disgust, uncomfortable or even the loss of visibility; Prismatic and LED point light source for the diamond chimney, avoid the light immediate illuminate is in the eye, can have the effect of anti glare!

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