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Settle! Eastern city hailida international May Day! Shake the light watermark


May 1,

The eastern city of the grand open

See dear friends from previous period is introduced

A light show of shuicheng, water show especially looking forward to

Small make up take you experience early today

City wei menghua glance at one thousand

The history of lixia river in one thousand off the credit

Ancient and modern, with big ZongHu city of the eastern illustrious career and glorious chapter

Legends of bailed mother of filial piety

Sunny's red story


With the help of advanced sound and light technology

Reproduce the big ZongHu eastern city of one thousand years

Big impression ZongHu light show

In one thousand time series into a line

Cloud came between us

Shishi goggle flood

City of the eastern into water waves

A woof ZongHu autumn smoothing countless sensitized

A beautiful legend as the cultural history of north jiangsu feng yun

▲ In one thousand, wei menghua

▲ Cases of confirmed to save the mother

▲ Shui yue kwan-yin

▲ Beginner's mind is like

Yang sunny water show

This is a occurred in the Anti-Japanese War

Beautiful red love story

"Jiujiu sunny days" once moved generations of people

Use modern technology means now

Based on a bright red love story

Eastern city water and light as a means of show

Good love it

▲ Pinghu harvest moon

▲ The war came

▲ Faith and love

▲ Sunny days

Eastern city called the "city" in Tokyo, capital of song dynasty has yearned for Tokyo a prosperous, later renamed the "eastern city". Affected by the drought and flood disasters, the city of the eastern after several ups and downs in the long history. Now, big ZongHu resort lixia river culture, the depth of mining above the ruins of the ancient city of the eastern rehabilitation of the ancient city, was named the eastern city. Bath "water" rebirth of the city of the eastern, polished lixia river region culture background, become an important cultural landmarks and north jiangsu yancheng area.

Eastern city of song style, the building of the republic of China as the skeleton, supporting new employed in commercial, fireworks gas "sussing out street", "song street" thriving, literary panache "square" of the republic of China... Present a town in various historical periods of different style, let a person place oneself among them, like a timewarp.

Family ancestral hall is the high-quality goods in ancient architecture, the Ming and qing architectural style has been gloriously enrolled primarily ancestral hall, carved beams and painted rafters, of primitive simplicity, massiness, have "the old as new, subei first temple" of reputation.

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