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LED underwater light VSLED buried lamp | zhongke green will be able to tell you the difference between them!


在户外亮化灯具之中有一些很像,比如In outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns has some very like, such as the LED line lights and LED wash wall lights, LED underwater lights and LED buried lights, LED underwater light of lamps and lanterns and today we speak of twins LED buried lights, a lot of people will put the two light confused! Although looks like two lamps and lanterns, but for them, the purpose is different. What's the difference between them?

1, the first is the application

LED buried lamp is used for residential area, the flower beds, street, park plaza and other places of outdoor lighting, LED underwater light is used for fountains, pools and other places lighting lighting project.

2, protection grade

LED underwater light protection grade need to reach the highest IP68 protection grade, LED buried lamp protection grade is IP65 + is ok!

3, the material difference

LED underwater light material is stainless steel panel, aluminum lamp body, has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, impact resistance is strong, and have good waterproof design; LED buried light material for stainless steel polishing commonly panel enclosure, to more small volume, better heat dissipation, street waterproof quality, silicone seal.

Overall, although some similarity between outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is very high, but USES, the name is different, use is the most important, according to the purpose to find the light they want, is the most appropriate!

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