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LED underwater light properties and the method of use! Zhongke green can tell you!


LED underwater light just as its name implies is mounted on the bottom of lamps and lanterns, and buried lights, pediatric delicate, beautiful and easy. Difference is that the more a chassis frame fixed by screws. How to use LED underwater light? Zhongke green below small make up tell you the LED underwater light properties and the method of use:

1, in order to LED has a good waterproof effect, LED underwater light protection should reach IP67 above, had better be IP68, LED underwater light need to be able to put 5 meters from the surface. Cast light Angle is best 25 degrees.

2, LED underwater light USES the best super bright LED as light source, light bulb glow length up to 100000 hours. Good light source material lamps and lanterns is longer, and get the best lighting effect!

3, the lamps and lanterns of LED as installed under the water, and of course to use in the fountain, pond, aquarium and other places of underwater.

4, LED underwater lamp and control system using a five core wires connected to the whole system includes a DMX controller, a distribution box, and can put the lamps and lanterns and distribution of the water. The lamps and lanterns of perfect union.

5, LED underwater light control points control and internal control in two ways, external control need to configure the external control controller can achieve a color change; Internal control do not need the controller can be built many change mode, mostly in the application of external control currently on the market!

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