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Zhongke can green LED wash wall lamp power Yang Kaihui residence realize turn!


Yang Kaihui's former residence

The national AAAA level scenic spots,

Across the country hundreds of red tourism classic scenic spot,

The patriotism education base in hunan province,

There are former residence, cemetery, Yang Gong temple three places

The provincial cultural relics protection units.


Yang Kaihui former residence in changsha city in northeast China

About 60 kilometers of board positions.

In the former residence of highway, the pillow after hill.

Surrounded by conifers, camphor, bamboo.

Former residence of a farmhouse,

According to the terrain is divided into three steps SanJin,

Face width of 3, brick, Chinese style tile,

Between the size of the room, a total of 28.

Their parents' bedroom and my home for the museum.

By Yang Kaihui memorial

Yang Kaihui's former residence, Yang Kaihui martyr cemetery, Yang Gong temple,

Exhibition of four parts,

Covers an area of 120 mu.

Wetland plate storehouse

Division of green,

Had the privilege of

As the residence of Yang Kaihui,

To provide LED wash wall lamp, LED lamp line, LED project-light lamp, LED underwater lights, etc

Outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns.

To board warehouse wetland in the night,

The colorful color plating.

With sparkling lake bring out the best in each other!

Wetland brighten

Night view lighting,

As an integral part of modern life,

Plate storehouse wetland,

As part of the Yang Kaihui former residence,

Implement lighting is imperative.

This is not only embodies the scenic spot his own style and temperament,

Also provides the visitors from afar,

Night to keep the view such activities as necessary

Wetland square

Be board warehouse wetland landscape lighting and square,

In the colorful lights,

Become a Yang Kaihui former residence and clock in a web celebrity,

For visitors to watch provides rich and nightlife.

Will attract more tourists to come to punch!


Zhongke green can be used as outdoor lighting leading enterprise!

Will not forget the beginner's mind,

Let the world is full of light art!

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