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Zhongke green DMX512LED wash wall light should pay attention to matters!


In daily life although the colour of ordinary LED wash wall light internal control can achieve the color change. However, due to the fixed program, change effect is fixed, machine-made! Could not reach the requirements of many engineering effect.

Should the needs of customers, now MX512LED external control wash wall lamp arises at the historic moment! MX512LED external control can wash the wall lamp according to their own procedures to control LED wash wall light color changes at random! Completely can perfect conform to the requirements of various kinds of engineering

, you can call it "tiger balm"! So MX512LED wash wall lamp production and installation issues will take note:


1, MX512LED wash wall lamp need to pay attention to the best high thermal conductivity aluminum plate special aluminum sheet, it can achieve rapid cooling effect!

2, MX512LED wash wall lamp power cord Xu Ya note must be designed special type, need to match well, miss pack easily lead to problems products.

3, signal lines, and the power cord of the male female head butt specifications need, especially the color had better distinguish between good and let the installation personnel easy to distinguish, to prevent confusion!

4, the connection of lamps and lanterns glue, the stand or fall of craft in the be clear at a glance!

The installation

1, install priority signal lines!

2, male female head butt not string, prevent burning line!

3, in case the power cord and signal lines!

4, male female head of the joint screw need to tighten the seepage water!

5, the controller need to be careful, depending on the type of speed controller users like choosing gear match well!

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