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Zhongke green can teach you LED underwater light method of choose and buy!


When we buy LED underwater light we must first understand what is the LED underwater light? LED underwater light is a kind of underwater lighting lamps and lanterns of LED as light source, is a very good waterproof properties, is widely used in spray pool, swimming pool and other places of business and art lighting, so after we learn about LED underwater light, how to choose and buy? Please follow the division in the green can below small make up together to discuss!

First, we should first of all need to consider its security: of all the landscape place, the personal safety should be put as the first element. Must, in accordance with the requirements of national standard, use 12 v safety voltage LED underwater lamp, used with ac transformer. Manufacturers and distributors, sometimes in order to complete the order or customer covet is cheap, don't use the low voltage LED underwater light, while reduces the customer's purchasing cost, greatly increases the security risk!

Second, its economy: economy refers to the lamps and lanterns of one-time investment and operating cost combined. In general, modelling beautiful, good quality LED underwater light, the lamps and lanterns price is higher, longer service life, maintenance; On the contrary, if the poor quality of LED underwater light, cheap, often leakage, leakage of blindness, not only increase the operation cost, and even affect the whole project acceptance, from these two aspects to consider LED underwater light for it

More than four is our LED underwater light for you to choose and buy method, CST green can uphold the market-oriented, guaranteed by the quality and integrity to provide users with excellent quality of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns! I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation opportunities!

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