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ZKGE LED point light source characteristics!


LED point light source is a kind of ideal light source, in our real life, there is no strict sense, what we call the point light source is abstract. We introduced the relevant knowledge of point light source, if you want to know a point source, best can seriously read zhongke green small make up the details for you to explain, let do you have a clear understanding for point source:

1, LED point light source

LED point light source is an ideal into a little light. Point light source is the abstraction of physical concepts, physical problems is to study simple!

2, LED point light source

Because LED point light source bitmap screen at a distance to watch has a good visual effect, can meet the needs of the large advertising distance vision, so the LED point light source can be a lot of application in the production of large area roof lattice screen, draw the outline of the outline of the houses, Bridges and other buildings, parks, rivers, square lighting decoration, ornament, guesthouse, hotel, KTV and other large door head background brand decorative lighting engineering, building facade wall lighting, and other various special modelling objects, construction and other lighting places.

3, the characteristics of LED point light source

(1) small size

(2) environmental protection performance is good

(3) the security and stability

(4) the seismic, impact resistant performance is good

(5) strong directivity

(6) fast response time

(7) high luminous efficiency

(8) light color is rich

(9) no flashing, no ultraviolet light

(10) good brightness is adjustable

Zhongke green can slightly a concern

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