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Zhongke can green LED point light source, installation process and matters needing attention!


LED point light source is a kind of ideal into a little light. Point light source is the abstraction of physical concept, in order to study the problem of physical simplification. Like at ordinary times said smooth surface, particle, there is no air resistance, point light source also does not exist in reality, refers to the space around from one point to the uniform glow of light. Then is how to install it? Need to pay attention to what issues? Here introduce you to:

A, the installation process

1, with screws or glue needed for lighting lamp body fixed to the first position.

2, according to the installation drawing already made good connect the power cord and signal lines, the most important thing is to waterproof processing

B, pay attention to the problem

1, LED point light well connect the power cord, signal lines, waterproof processing.

2, LED point light installation way and consider good later maintenance cost and convenience. Rational distribution of controller, the electrical appliances maintenance is convenient.

3, after installation effect, should be well dealt with during the day to reduce the effects of the structures of the daytime effect as much as possible.

4, power supply and LED point light work needs to be power supply need to match.

5, and need to ensure the normal order of the controller and the line between the lamp body connection, the controller's power supply cord need to connect to provide normal work power.

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