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Zhongke green can teach you wiring LED point light source!


Outdoor lighting of LED point light source as the main light source of outdoor lighting decoration light, small make up then introduce parallel signal wiring method of point source.

1, stripping: each terminal strip, 5 mm long enough and wiring. Starting power supply, feet plug terminal connected to the 12 v power supply of 220 v power supply connectors, respectively by LN the foot (not distinguish) connection as shown, after connect line

2, join point light source to the 12 v power supply and controller, behind each measuring point light source panels have a current: power supply must follow the direction of the arrow, otherwise it will not bright or unable to control, moreover will blow out light! Annotation architrave, the first foot to connect power the positive (+ 12 v), the second signal input (DAI), the third foot to connect power cathode (GND). Positive + 12 v outlet, GND anode and controller to connect power GND, DAI DA/A controller, if more than one lamp series will need to pick up the corresponding DA/A, the controller has four channels, OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3, OUT4, each channel has three wires, DA/A, CK/B, GND. Point light series signal need &gnd DA/A to the feet, parallel signal needs three wires connected, according to the light of lamp plate line connected to one to one correspondence is done!

3, pick up line, check, and then the controller and the 12 v power plug into ac 220 v board electricity can be programmed to display the light you want, the following wiring job!

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