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Zhongke Green Energy won the 2018 Golden Finger Award Innovation Product Award


China Science and technology green energy won the 2018 eighth golden finger Award for innovative products

On December 22, the "chenglian cup · the eighth golden finger award ceremony" held by chinaphoto.com was held in Changzhou, and the packaging point light source independently developed by China Science green energy won the innovation product award.

In addition to 14 awards in three categories of "designer", "lighting engineering design" and "excellent lighting product brand", the "golden finger Award" has also set up a "lighting creative works Award", which provides a platform for college students to show themselves. In terms of the number of various awards, there are 35 designers winning the "designer" award of the "golden finger Award", 85 enterprises winning the "lighting engineering design" award, 81 enterprises winning the "excellent lighting product brand" award, and 20 works winning the "lighting creative works Award".

As a member of the lighting industry, the development direction of the lighting industry is closely related to the development of the company. After learning about the event, we actively participated in the event.

Among the products that Zhongke green energy participated in this evaluation, the self-developed primary packaging point light source won the innovation product award.

The primary packaging point light source independently developed by Zhongke green energy adopts rigid PVC environmental protection materials, Green environmental protection; using imported digital IC, the control is more flexible and stable; cost-effective, synchronous control is more reliable than traditional point light source; it can be used as point light source or point series lamp, and can be selected in monochrome, multicolor, and video at will; the protection level reaches IP68, ultra-low voltage power supply, which is safer for pools and other similar places.

The primary packaging point light source is widely used in the outline of the building viaduct, the ground glass square display screen, the city square ground decoration lighting, the ferris wheel and other amusement facilities decoration lighting, the river and river lifting landscape lighting, the logo logo, the tree decoration, the outdoor light box lamp built-in light source, the outdoor advertising display screen, the building display screen, the large stage background display screen, entertainment Indoor and outdoor decoration lighting such as ground glass building on the top of the wall, underwater display screen, building top modeling decoration lighting, ancient building decoration lighting, text image and other special-shaped personalized decoration built-in light source, etc.

A successful case of packaging point light source includes Wujiang River lighting project in Tongren, Guizhou, Liaocheng water eye in Shandong, Huatan International Water Park in Hechuan, Guoshou homeland in Sanya, Hainan, chuanxingshan Park in Ningxiang, Changsha, Hunan, etc.

Zhongke lvneng is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of outdoor lighting products such as LED point light, led wall washing light, LED line light and LED projection light. We uphold the professional value creation, quality and integrity to win the future business philosophy of dedicated service for you!

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