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Nanchang VR Industry Base Lighting Project


Nanchang VR industrial base lighting project

Nanchang city was founded in 202 BC, which means "prosperity in the South" is a famous historical and cultural city. In the preface to tengwangge, Wang Bo, the four outstanding figures of the early Tang Dynasty, called it the place of "treasure of nature and outstanding people". During the period of the Southern Tang Dynasty, Nanchang government was the "capital of the South". On August 1, 1927, "Nanchang Uprising" announced the birth of the Chinese people's Liberation Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, haihunhou tomb, tengwangge, BADASHAN memorial hall, BaiHuaZhou, the site group of Bayi Uprising and other places of historic interest have been left. It is now the birthplace of new China's aviation industry, China's important comprehensive transportation hub and photoelectric industry, and a world-class photovoltaic industry base.

Nanchang VR industry base Innovation Incubation Center, located in the core area of Honggutan CBD, now has opened a VR experience center. Jiangxi Nanchang takes VR as the focal point to lead the industrial transformation and upgrading and the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and focuses on building VR innovation center and supporting the industrial agglomeration development.

According to the lighting engineering of 800 square meters sky screen project of Nanchang VR industrial base, led secondary packaging point light source provided by Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric Co., Ltd. is adopted. In this project, 100000 LED point light sources with 2cm secondary packaging are used, and wire rope is used for fixation, making the installation more convenient. The product is controlled by DMX512 protocol, which is an international standard communication protocol. By controlling the micro-computer chip embedded in the lamp bead, the change of any display effect can be realized by programming, and various image, text and animation effects can be displayed. Led secondary packaging point light source is beautiful and generous in appearance, which can be arranged with various shapes such as point, line and surface according to the project requirements. LED point light source has excellent characteristics such as heat dissipation, excellent waterproof performance, simple control, low-voltage power supply, safety and reliability. Many years of application experience has proved that the products of Zhongke green energy can stand the severe test, and also confirmed that the quality of outdoor lighting products of Zhongke green energy is as stable as a rock.

After the installation and debugging of Nanchang VR industrial base under the guidance of our green energy technicians, the spot light source is formed into a huge art and technology sky screen by wire rope, which shows the colorful and dazzling shock effect in the night sky, the art culture of light, and the visual feast in the dazzling night sky.

Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of LED outdoor lighting products. At present, the company's production plant area is 7200 square meters. Based on independent innovation, the company focuses on the application and technical support of LED lighting products. We have been quietly working in the field of LED lighting for more than ten years, constantly researching and self surpassing, and have made certain achievements. The product series include: LED outdoor landscape lighting, led industrial lighting, LED street lighting and other three major lighting products, which are inherited by the company Industry creates value, quality and integrity to win the future of business philosophy dedicated to serving you.

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