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Zhongke Green Energy-Tianjin AEON MALL, the dream LED lighting project shines


Zhongke lvneng - Tianjin Yongwang mengle City, dreamlike LED lighting project shines all over the venue

Located in the southeast of the center of Jinnan District, Tianjin, Yongwang mengle city is the main economic lifeline of Tianjin extending to the south. It is also one of the four urban areas around Tianjin, with a total construction area of about 190000 square meters and a total commercial area of about 69000 square meters. It is adjacent to Binhai New Area in the southeast, Hexi District and Xiqing District in the west, and Dongli District in the north. Metro lines 1 and 6 will also pass through here. With unique geographical advantages, Yongwang mengle city is expected to become one of the most prosperous commercial centers in Tianjin.

The magnificent dream city

With the core of Yongwang comprehensive supermarket, Yongwang mengle City integrates fashion clothing, daily groceries, specialty catering, comprehensive cinema, personalized services, etc. to provide customers with diversified goods and services, deliver the latest information, and create a new lifestyle.

Tianjin Jinnan Yongwang menglecheng LED lighting project is built by Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. The external lighting project mainly adopts the LED point light source, line light, wall washing light, projection light, etc. independently developed by our company, which together constitute the dreamlike LED light color.

Zge-dgy-428-a3, the LED secondary packaging point light source produced by Zhongke green energy, has become the leading role of aeon dreamland.

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