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Zhongke Green can embellish beautiful Changsha and take you into the colorful fantasy world


Zhongke green energy embellishes beautiful Changsha and brings you into the colorful fantasy world

Changsha, formerly known as Tanzhou, also known as Xingcheng, is an international metropolis integrating industrial tourism in Hunan Province. Zhongke green energy photoelectricity Co., Ltd. has an ingenious and well-developed LED point light source, which adds a beautiful scenery to this romantic night scene.

In the west square of Changzhi Lu'an Group, a colorful bridge crosses over the street, marking a colorful arc in the hazy night sky, adding infinite luster to the colored glass bridge led point light source is also the masterpiece of Zhongke Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in the center of Changsha, Dongfang Bailian square has bright lights inside and outside. The tall and majestic building is crystal clear under the light of Zhongke Lvyuan's LED wall washing lamp. It is even more unique in the night. It is colorful, just like a palace standing in the sea of night.

The overpass of Guihua Road in Changsha is shrouded in pink atmosphere. The long night is no longer lonely, but the night full of mystery becomes warm and romantic. The natural function of Zhongke green energy LED wall washing lamp is indispensable, and it has become the biggest protagonist here.

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