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Zhongke Green Energy-Chongqing Hechuan District Huatan International Water Park Night Scene Lighting Project


Zhongke lvneng Chongqing Hechuan Huatan International Water Park night lighting project

Century Ledu amusement park is a high-end entertainment brand project led by the District Urban New Area Management Committee and fully invested by Chongqing Huatan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Located in Heiyan village, Huatan, yuyuyucheng sub district office, Hechuan District, covering an area of nearly 120 mu, with a total investment of 180 million yuan, it is a large-scale experience theme water park integrating amusement, leisure, catering and new landscape.

There are a lot of amusement projects in the park, such as the winding and fast drifting River, the tsunami pool simulating the real sea wave, the big trumpet winning the best project of the "golden ticket Award" in the international tourism industry, the king cobra in the snake shaped super large water slide, the rainbow slide like the most brilliant rainbow in the sky, the high-altitude whirlpool slide, all kinds of passionate water villages, children's water villages, etc Characteristic projects all give people a unique experience of novelty and stimulation.

The park not only gives people a unique experience of novelty and stimulation in the daytime, but also gives people a beautiful visual enjoyment in the dreamlike night under the illumination of outdoor landscape lighting lamps such as LED point light, led wall washing light, LED projection light provided by Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongke lvneng is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of outdoor lighting products such as LED point light, led wall washing light, LED line light and LED projection light. We uphold the professional value creation, quality and integrity to win the future business philosophy of dedicated service for you!

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