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After 30 years of development and change, the lighting industry continues to innovate its products and upgrade its control technology. Lighting has not only carried the functional lighting function, but also closely related to people's aesthetic and health. With the rapid development of the Internet, lighting products have also been endowed with new functions and become a part of the Internet connected with objects. In order to display the lighting product technology intensively The exhibition and exchange meeting of "innovative power" of lighting hosted by Zell media was successfully held with the full support of members of lighting designer exchange center, relevant principals of Design Institute (Institute), relevant principals of lighting design and construction units, relevant principals of lighting and electrical manufacturers, and lighting manufacturers.

This exchange meeting reflects the innovation of lighting industry from four new perspectives of "new technology, new application, new product and new design". Through the visit and understanding of the industry, the most innovative products, technologies and designs are intensively displayed in the "innovation" exhibition exchange meeting. Meanwhile, the new specifications and requirements of lighting design are publicized, so that the designers and enterprises present can gain.

During the meeting, the host Liao qiongkai shared "the drainage of design source" with all of you, sharing that "design comes from nature, from the form and natural environment of nature; design comes from life, from the discovery and capture of life; design comes from art, from its own artistic accomplishment, from the pursuit and cognition of beauty; design comes from thought, from the interactive quotation of the wise and the wise It's the design concept of human life wisdom that will not be destroyed in the future.

Xu Hua, Chief Electrical Engineer of architectural design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, director of lighting designer exchange center and editor in chief of lighting design manual (the Third Edition), analyzed the specifications and requirements in lighting design manual (the Third Edition) in detail for you, which benefited the designers and enterprise representatives present.

A number of enterprise representatives shared their advantages and innovations in the design structure and practicability of their products, as well as the solutions to the problems they encountered, introduced the problem points of the production enterprises to the design units and the owner units present, and discussed the problem points and solutions encountered by each other between the owner units and the production enterprises in the free discussion link, making the enterprise We should be more clear about the needs of the owner and the designer, and the owner and the designer should also be more aware of the difficulties of the production enterprise.

Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. is a member of the lighting industry. The development direction of the lighting industry is closely related to the development of the company. After hearing about the exchange meeting, it actively participated in the exchange activity.

Zhongke lvneng is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of outdoor lighting products such as LED point light, led wall washing light, LED line light and LED projection light. We uphold the professional value creation, quality and integrity to win the future business philosophy of dedicated service for you!

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