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Sanya Haitang Bay Guoshou Jiayuan·Yijing Night Scene Lighting Project Perfectly Completed


After the on-site command of the company's technical personnel and the full cooperation of the on-site installation workers, the "Guoshou Jiayuan · Yijing" nightscape lighting project located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan, known as the "national coast" has been completed perfectly!

"Guoshou Jiayuan" is a professional brand of Guoshou Investment Holding Co., Ltd., whose headquarter is located in Beijing. "Guoshou Jiayuan" is based on the strong endorsement of China Life Insurance, adhering to the core concept of the group's brand "becoming a person and reaching an adult", reflecting the cornerstone and origin of "caring for people" in Guoshou health care industry. It will highlight the concept of human care of Guoshou from five aspects of personal body and mind, family health management, circle of friends interaction, community life and social value; advocate and provide A new way of life for healthy old-age care and Realization of value.

"Guoshou Jiayuan · Yajing" is located in Yangchenghu Peninsula, Suzhou. This project is the first pension health care community project officially unveiled by China Life Insurance. It is the largest unlisted pension operation and management organization in the United States, Merrill Garden) Co built a composite elderly care and health care community including four functional groups of "health culture, elderly care and rehabilitation, vitality and health care, and the year of the rest". The project located in Tianjin airport is named "Guoshou Jiayuan · yuejing", which cooperates with tirr, a top international rehabilitation hospital, to build a health care community combining medical care with elderly care; the project located in Daxing, Beijing is named "Guoshou Jiayuan · Yunjing", which will provide "health management + elderly care and health care, Chinese medicine + anti-aging" characteristic services.

Located in Haitang Bay of Sanya, the project is named "Guoshou Jiayuan · Yijing". Haitang Bay, known as the "national coast", is located in the northeast coast of Sanya City, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers away from the downtown of Sanya. It is in line with Yalong Bay, Dadong Bay, Sanya Bay and Yazhou Bay. In the region, there are the world's largest duty-free shopping center, 301 Hospital Hainan Branch of medical and health recuperation base, 32 international coastal hotels, world-class yacht base, dreamlike Entertainment City, Wanda Movie City, Nantian hot spring, which is called "the first spring of Shenzhou", and other vacation facilities. With natural resources and conditions of high-end vacation, pension and health management, it has been built into the world-class Level of rehabilitation, leisure, holiday style health care community for the elderly.

"Guoshou Jiayuan · Yijing" is constructed by China life real estate company. The project adopts LED lamps provided by Shenzhen Zhongke green energy photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. The water pool and walls in the park are the secondary encapsulation point light source of Zhongke green energy photoelectric. The diameter of this point light source is 3cm. Each point light source is composed of three smt5050 patch lamp beads. The distance between the two adjacent lamps is 10cm. Through the pre customized track installation, a huge water proof display screen is formed, which shows the art and culture of light through the DMX512 signal control mode. The roof eaves of the building are adopted Using Zhongke green energy photoelectricity private mode wall washing lamp and projection lamp, the outline of the whole park is outlined, showing the beauty of leisurely life of overseas shoujiayuan and Yijing, becoming a beautiful scenery line in Haitang Bay of Sanya.

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