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Great news! Hao Luoxi, Director of the Final Judging Panel of the 2018 Bai Yulan Lighting Award


On October 17, 2018, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) convened the 2018 Executive Committee meeting through Webex, elected the next board of directors officials, representatives of 23 national committees attended the meeting, and the secretary of the China Lighting Society Gong Yihui On behalf of the National Committee of China, the director of the China National Institute of Standardization, Cai Jianqi, attended the meeting as an expert. At the meeting, Professor Hao Luxi, nominated by the China National Committee, was voted as the vice chairman of the CIE by the representatives of the national committees and was responsible for publishing things for a period of 2019-2023.

The other board officials elected in this election are as follows:

副主席(技术)-- Dr Jennifer Veitch (加拿大)

副主席(标准)-- Dr John O'Hagan (英国)

司库 -- Mr Volker Seibicke (德国)

秘书 -- Mr Ad de Visser (荷兰)

副主席(without Portfolio):

Professor Ron Gibbons (美国)

Ms Annette Steinbusch (荷兰)

Professor Erkki Ikonen (芬兰)

Professor Lorne Whitehead (加拿大)

Ms Teresa Goodman (英国)

Dr Anna Shakhparunyants (俄罗斯)

Zhongke Green can warmly congratulate the professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and the vice chairman of the International Lighting Committee, who was elected by the doctoral supervisor, Ms. Hao Luoxi. In addition, we must also tell you a good news, hosted by the Shanghai Lighting Society, Xuan Zhi Media hosted by the director of the 2018 Bai Yulan Lighting Awards Final Judging Committee will be Professor Hao Luoxi!
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