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Product Name:LED double-sided wall washer 4055

Application scenarios:

Building bridge wall washing, park advertising stairs washing, airport subway elevated overpass building landmark,

The exterior of the building is transparent, the exterior wall of the historical building complex of the single building, and the guardrail of the river bank bridge.

The light source adopts high-quality LED chip, which has high brightness, good color rendering and soft and pure light;

The lamp body is anodized with high-strength aluminum alloy; the end cap is anti-aging for the surface of die-cast aluminum material

Electrostatic powder spraying treatment; self-cleaning and corrosion resistance, the mask is made of tempered glass, impact and friction resistance;

The product does not contain any polluting elements, realizing the true sense of environmental protection;

Infrared ultraviolet radiation is beneficial to protect the object being illuminated; the overall temperature rise of the lamp is low and the heat dissipation is good.

Stable performance. The overall performance of the outer casing is good, the seal is reliable, waterproof and dustproof; widely used in architectural lighting, background lighting, landscape lighting and other floodlighting.

产品名称Name LED双面洗墙灯4055                    LED双面洗墙灯4055
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-XQ-4055-D18                       ZGE-XQ-4055-D18
产品尺寸Size(mm) L1000*W40*H55mm                    L1000*W40*H55mm

光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan

工作温度Working tTemperture

50000hrs                                    50000hrs

-20°C~55°C                               -20°C~55°C

发光角度Beem Angie 15°~120°                                   15°~120°
防护等级IP Rate IP65                                           IP65

外壳材质 Shell Material


铝材+钢化玻璃                           铝材+钢化玻璃

RGBW/可定制                             RGBW/可定制

颗粒类型LEDType 18PC大功率+12W SMD5050         24PC大功率+12W SMD5050
输入电压Input Voltage DC24V                                       DC24V
功率Power 18+12W/PCS                              24+12W/PCS

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