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Product Name:LED flood light A

Application scenarios:

Exterior wall lighting such as building bridges, light-emitting lighting in buildings, indoor partial lighting,

Landscaping landscape lighting, single building historical building group exterior wall lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, etc.

Die-casting aluminum forming and aluminum alloy anodizing treatment, good heat dissipation performance, effectively reducing the light decay during LED use;

The transparent cover is transparent tempered glass, which is potted with silicone potting glue;

The fastener is made of stainless steel and the seal is made of silicone rubber;

Equipped with special brackets for flexible installation and convenience;

The built-in constant current drive of the lamp greatly guarantees the service life of the LED;

Application places: landscape lighting, background lighting, building lighting, etc.

产品名称Name LED投光灯A1                                                LED投光灯A2
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-TG-150150-18                                        ZGE-TG-222232-24
产品尺寸Size(mm) L150*W150*H150mm                                    L222*W222*H232mm

光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan

工作温度Working tTemperture

50000hrs                                                      50000hrs

-20°C~55°C                                                  -20°C~55°C

发光角度Beem Angie 15°~120°                                                     15°~120°
防护等级IP Rate IP65                                                             IP65

外壳材质 Shell Material


铝材+钢化玻璃                                              铝材+钢化玻璃

RGBW/可定制                                                RGBW/可定制

颗粒类型LEDType 18PCS 1W大功率灯珠                                     24PCS 1W大功率灯珠
输入电压Input Voltage DC24V                                                          AC220V
功率Power 18W/PCS                                                      24W/PCS

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