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Product Name:LED projector 433235

Application scenarios:

External wall lighting such as buildings and bridges, transparent lighting in buildings, indoor local lighting, Landscape lighting, 

exterior wall lighting of historic buildings of single buildings, landscaping lighting, billboard lighting, etc.

Die casting aluminum molding and aluminum alloy anodizing have good heat dissipation performance, effectively reducing light attenuation during LED use.

 The transparent cover is transparent toughened glass and is encapsulated with organic silicon potting compound. Fasteners are made of stainless steel and seals are made of silicone rubber. Equipped with special support, the installation is flexible and convenient. 

The lamp is internally driven by constant current, which greatly ensures the service life of LED. Application places: landscape lighting, background lighting, building lighting, etc.

产品名称Name LED投光灯328198               LED投光灯433235                  LED投光灯558329
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-TG-328198-54             ZGE-TG-433235-72                 ZGE-TG-558329-108
产品尺寸Size(mm) L328*W198mm                  L433*W235mm                      L558*W329mm

光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan

工作温度 Working Temperature

发光角度 Beam Angle

防护等级IP Rate

50000hrs                           50000hrs                               50000hrs

-20℃~55℃                       -20℃~55℃                            -20℃~55℃

15°~120°                          15°~120°                              15°~120°

IP65                                  IP65                                     IP65

外壳材质 Shell Material


铝材+钢化玻璃                   铝材+钢化玻璃                      铝材+钢化玻璃

RGBW/可定制                     RGBW/可定制                        RGBW/可定制

颗粒类型LEDType 54PCS 1W大功率灯珠          72PCS 1W大功率灯珠             108PCS 1W大功率灯珠
输入电压Input Voltage AC220V                             AC220V                                 AC220V
功率Power 54W/PCS                           72W/PCS                               108W/PCS

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