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Product Name:LED buried lamp 20090

Application scenarios:

Buried landscape lighting for external walls such as buildings and bridges, buried landscape lighting for stepped columns,

 Exterior wall lighting of historic buildings of single buildings, road buried luminous landscape lighting, etc.

The lamp shell adopts high-strength high-quality aluminum and stainless steel lamp cover, the lamp body is beautiful and delicate, and the heat dissipation performance is excellent. 

The lamp body is sealed with toughened glass and anti-aging silica gel, and the internal epoxy resin is filled with glue, so that the internal circuit of the lamp body is completely closed, double waterproof is realized, and superior waterproof performance of the lamp is ensured; Low consumption and high efficiency imported light source with high luminous flux, strong color rendering and service life of more than 50000 hours; The high-quality waterproof joint is made by precise process and has excellent waterproof, dustproof, leakage and corrosion resistance properties. 

The luminaire uses PMMA optical grade lens with optional angle of 15 25 30 45 60 120. Built-in constant current AC85V-AC265V wide voltage drive ensures normal operation of lamps in different countries, regions or when the voltage is unstable, and low voltage DC24V drive is available. Control mode: monochromatic and normally bright effect (red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white);  Internal control synchronizes RGB color changes;

产品名称Name LED埋地灯12090 LED埋地灯15090 LED埋地灯18090 LED埋地灯20090 LED埋地灯25090 LED埋地灯30095
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-MD-12090-5 ZGE-MD-12090-7 ZGE-MD-15090-9




产品尺寸Size(mm) φ120*90mm φ150*90mm φ180*90mm φ200*90mm φ250*90mm φ30*95mm
光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs
工作温度Working tTemperture -20°C~55°C -20°C~55°C -20°C~55°C -20°C~55°C -20°C~55°C -20°C~55°C
发光角度Beem Angie 15°~120° 15°~120° 15°~120° 15°~120° 15°~120° 15°~120°
防护等级IP Rate IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
外壳材质Shell Material 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃 不锈钢+铝材+钢化玻璃
发光颜色Color RGBW/可定制 RGBW/可定制 RGBW/可定制 RGBW/可定制 RGBW/可定制 RGBW/可定制
颗粒类型LED Type 5PCS 1W大功率灯珠 7PCS 1W大功率灯珠 9PCS 1W大功率灯珠 12PCS 1W大功率灯珠 18PCS 1W大功率灯 36PCS1W大功率灯

输入电压 Lnput Voltage














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