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Product Name:LED Secondary Package Point Light Source

Application scenarios:

The outline of the elevated bridge of the building, the display of the ground glass square, and the decoration of the city square are illuminated.

Recreational facilities such as the Ferris wheel are decorated with lighting, river channel embankment landscape lighting, signage, tree decoration,

Outdoor light box lamp built-in light source, outdoor advertising display, entertainment floor wall top floor glass building, etc.

Indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, underwater display, decorative decoration on the top of the building, ancient architectural decoration lighting, text

Alien personalized decoration such as word image, built-in light source, etc.

Using rigid PVC environmentally friendly materials, green and environmentally friendly

Imported digital IC for more flexible and stable control

Cost-effective, synchronous control is more reliable than traditional point sources

Can be used as a point source or a string of lights, monochrome, colorful, video arbitrary

Protection level up to IP68, extra low voltage power supply, safer for pools and other similar places

产品名称Name LED二次封装点光源
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-DGY-F3582-P8
产品尺寸Size(mm) 35x86x21mm
光源平均寿命Average Lifespan 50000hrs
工作温度Working tTemperture -20°C~55°C
发光角度Beem Angie 120°~180°
防护等级IP Rate IP68
外壳阻燃性Flame Retardance V~0级grade
电源最大连接Max. Lamp connection 20PCS(单端接入Single end inout)
外壳寿命Housing Lifespan 10年years
生产工艺Production Process 灌胶封装Pouring Pastern Sealing Encapsulation
信号传输方式Signal Transmission Modes DMX512并行 Parallel
产品颜色Color RGB全彩Full color
颗粒类型LEDType 8PCS SMD5050
输入电压Input Voltage DC24V
功率Power 3.2W/PCS

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