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Product Name:LED digital tube 3243

Application scenarios:

The outline of the large-scale elevated bridge and the landscape of the park garden landscape are illuminated.

The river channel embankment landscape is brightened, the ancient building decoration lighting, and the top of the building body are decorated and brightened.

The segmented jump digital profile tube is the latest lighting product that combines optoelectronic technology. It consists of digital control circuit and RGB tri-color LED light source.

With the softness of the fluorescent lamps and the dynamics of the neon lights, a single tube can reach the colorful gradient, jump, water, chase,

Scan and other effects. Depending on the installation method, various dynamic effects such as characters and patterns that change in different colors can be formed. according to

The choice of control system can also achieve real-time data acquisition and playback. Computer control can be realized by connecting the control system to the computer.

Put the effect of playing synchronously with the lamp! Widely used in building outlines, street lighting, outdoor advertising screens, stage landscapes and casinos

The decorative lighting! The company's LED digital tube is divided into 2 segments / 8 segments / 16 segments, according to the customer's installation environment, you can deploy! Pattern

Changes can be edited by our company according to customer requirements!

产品名称Name 数码管1000X32X43
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-SM-3243-12
产品尺寸Size(mm) L1000*W32*H43mm

光源平均寿命Average Lifespan

工作温度Working tTemperture



发光角度Beem Angie 15°~120°
防护等级IP Rate IP65

外壳材质 Shell Material




颗粒类型LEDType 48PCS SMD5050
输入电压Input Voltage DC24V
功率Power 12W/PCS

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