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Product Name:LED line light 2543

Application scenarios:

The outline of the large-scale elevated bridge and the landscape of the park garden landscape are illuminated.

The river channel embankment landscape is brightened, the ancient building decoration lighting, and the top of the building body are decorated and brightened.

High-brightness SMD LEDs are used as illuminants. Each LED has a lumen of 12LM or more. The illuminants are evenly arranged on the strip PC board. They are connected to each other using a beautiful combination of beer-like connectors. The shape is very slim and compact, which is a multi-purpose. Strip light source;

The LED adopts Taiwan wafer chip, the light source has high brightness, large angle, good quality and stable performance;

Low-voltage work, with high brightness, easy installation, length can be customized according to requirements;

Good color rendering, soft light, uniform light spot, pure light color;

The outer casing is anodized with aluminum alloy, and the surface is smooth and beautiful;

The surface is filled with anti-UV silicone potting glue. The glue has high strength, high toughness and high transparency, and the light transmittance is over 98%. The heat dissipation performance is very good, which greatly improves the service life of the product;

LED line light can be used in any complex climate environment, with superior waterproof performance, especially with superior oxidation resistance;

Widely used in hotels, bars, western restaurants, cafes, home taste decoration, high-end leisure venues and other indoor and outdoor mood decoration.

产品名称Name LED双面线条灯2543
产品型号Item NO. ZGE-XT-2543-12


光源平均寿命Average Lifespan

工作温度Working tTemperture



发光角度Beem Angie 15°~120°
防护等级IP Rate IP65

外壳材料Shell Material




颗粒类型LEDType 48PCS SMD5050
输入电压Input Voltage DC24V
功率Power 12W/PCS
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