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Product Name:Square LED point light sourceF6016-E6

Application scenarios:

The product of this specification has moderate size, strong generality, atmospheric appearance and high cost performance. It can be used to outline buildings such as buildings and bridges. It can also be used as a light source for pixel lights of large-scale advertising display screens of buildings and small and medium-sized advertising display screens at home and abroad, large logo on the roof and text. It is a LED point light source with strong generality for outdoor landscape lighting.

It can be used directly with monochromatic constant light, can also be controlled offline by RGB numerical control with CF card, or can be connected with computer to transmit image, text, image and other signals in real time.

1. Adopt anti yellowing PC environmental protection material, green and environmental protection.

2. Imported digital IC is adopted to make the control more flexible and stable.

3. High cost performance, more reliable synchronous control than traditional point light source.

4. It is suitable for different scenes, such as point, line and face, and can be selected in monochrome, multicolor and video.

5. The protection level is up to IP68, low-voltage power supply, which is safer for water pool and other similar places.

6. Flame retardant: the flame retardant level reaches the highest level V-0, and the lamps can be self extinguishing from the fire, with high safety performance

technical parameter

Lamp category
Once sealed diamond series point light source
Production process
Lamp size(mm) 60*16*12mm
Working environment temperature(℃)
Flame resistance of shell
Grade V-0
Housing life
10 years
input voltage
Power drive mode
Constant pressure drive
Light type
6 Seed SMD5050
Light color
RGB full color
Luminous angle
Life of light source(H)
Signal transmission mode
DMX512 parallel
Maximum power connection
20PCS(Single ended access)
Quantity per meter
Thickness of installable plate
Track size
Degree of protection
Applicable environment
Building outline, outdoor / underwater display screen, river course, bridge, etc…

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