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Product Name:3 cm 3 lamp encapsulation LED point light source 3413 at a time

Application scenarios:

The specifications of the product size, strong commonality and appearance of the atmosphere, high cost performance, can be used to draw the outline of the outline of the building, the building such as bridge, also can be used as building large advertising display screens and family the small and medium-sized advertising display pixel lights, big logo and words on the roof of the light source, is the general outdoor landscape lighting LED point light source.

It can be monochrome normally on used directly, also can use CF card offline RGB CNC control, or in connection with computer on-line real-time transmission image, text, images, etc.

1. The yellowing resistant PC environmental protection material, green environmental protection.

2. Imported digital IC, control is more flexible and more stable.

3. High cost performance, synchronous control more reliable than traditional point source of light.

4. Suitable for dot, line, face a variety of different scenarios, monochrome, 7 colour, video arbitrary choice.

5. Protection grade IP68, low voltage power supply, used in pool and other similar places more secure.

6. Flame retardant, flame retardant level reached the highest level V - level 0, lamps and lanterns to from self-extinguishing fire, safety performance is extremely high

Technical parameters

Categories of lamps and lanterns
Encapsulation diamond series of point light source at a time
The production process
Glue packaging
Size of lamps and lanterns(mm)
Working environment temperature(℃)
The shell flame retardancy
V-0 level
The shell life
10 years
The input voltage
The power drive mode
Constant voltage driver
The light source type
3star SMD3535
Light color
RGB Full color
Light Angle
Light life(H)
Signal transmission way
DMX512 parallel
The power maximum connection
20PCS(Single-ended access)
The number of per meter
8PCS(Can be customized)
Can be installed plate thickness
Orbital size
60*21.5*1000,openingφ30(mm)(Can be customized)
Protection grade
Apply to the environment
Building outline, outdoor display screen/water, river, bridge, etc...

Relevant cases

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