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Product Name:LED digital tube 2846-12

Application scenarios:

This series of LED digital tube is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising signs, building external wall, landscape decoration, shopping malls, hotels, clubs contour edge. Professionals can use it to play unlimited creativity.

S high brightness:

Adopt Taiwan wafer or same level chip, luminous evenly, high brightness, good consistency.

S waterproof and dustproof:

Lamps and lanterns USES special aluminum oxide as the base, insulation flame retardant silicone filling,.

S safe and reliable:

Safe low voltage 24 v dc power supply, operation safety.

S high life:

LED light source life can reach 50000 hours.

S energy saving:

Per unit area and per unit length than the traditional neon light save power by more than 90%, thereby saving the electricity expenses, reduce running cost.

S easy to install:

Equipped with special bearing installation, can be mounted with screws where required, the operation is simple.

Technical parameters

Categories of lamps and lanterns
LED digital tube
The production process
Glue packaging
Size of lamps and lanterns(mm)
Working environment temperature(℃)
The input voltage
The shell flame retardancy
V-0 level
The power drive mode
Constant voltage driver
Color temperature
Light Angle
Light life(H)
The power maximum connection
20PCS(Single-ended access)
Protection grade
Leaking structure
Apply to the environment
Building a bridge to wash the wall, the park square steps to wash the wall, etc...

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